Costa Rica Shuttle Transportation

Our shared shuttle service offers comfortable, stress-free, but affordable rides throughout the country, connecting the most exciting destinations to move around easily.

This door to door service is nothing compared to public transportation or buses, vehicles are modern, AC, and fully insured, allowing for a relaxing ride and saving a lot of your valuable vacation time going straight to your next destination. As Costa Rican roads and topography make driving times a little longer than you may be used to in such short distances, our shuttles make 1 strategic 15 minutes stop along the way for travelers to strengthen legs, get some snakes, pictures, use restrooms, or simply have some fresh air.

Costa Rica Private Transportation

Good To Know

Once you have booked your shuttle transportation we will send you the shuttle company name so it will be very easy to identify it. The driver will be also asking for your name at the pick up location indicated at your reservation.